We Cater Our Process To You


We build your smile and bite much like an engineer would construct a bridge or skyscraper. Careful planning on the front end of the process will allow for treatment to be as efficient for you as possible.


Free Initial Consultation

This appointment is all about information gathering. We will begin with having you fill out a health history form and we will then take a complimentary x-ray (if you have not had a recent one taken) so Dr. Shoff can give his best assessment of you or your child’s situation. He will then conduct a thorough exam and talk about any treatment needs he sees, the appropriate timing for such treatment, and go over the treatment process with you. At this appointment we will check on any insurance benefits you may have and discuss payment options. 

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If treatment is indicated, we will then have our diagnostic records (or treatment planning) appointment. At this appointment we will take digital cephalometric and panniers radiographs and photos. Dr. Shoff will also take thorough measurements of your face and mouth. Our new state-of-the-art digital scanner allows us to quickly scan your models into our computer program and analyze your bite with our revolutionary software. We now have everything we need for Dr. Shoff to study your case and develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

Treatment Consultation & Start Of Treatment

After a week or two of studying and planning, Dr. Shoff will then meet with you and discuss his final treatment plan and go over any potential options. Orthodontics is a team sport, and your input and thoughts are highly valued through this process. Once we all agree on a plan, we will be ready to begin the discussed treatment. 

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Adjustment Visits

We usually see you every 6-8 weeks for appliance adjustments throughout the duration of the treatment. Hygiene, treatment process, and “what’s next” will be discussed at each visit, along with an opportunity to answer any questions you may have. 

Treatment Completion

Once treatment is completed we will enter what we call the “Retention Phase” where we come up with an individualized plan to keep your teeth as perfect as the day you completed treatment. We will continue to see you through this process as long as you want to come in!